Simple Online Presence:

Just needing a simple online information website? We can help, from initial planning, logo design, through to completion and hosting. Why not find out a little more?….Click here for more information

Booking Or Appointment System:

Needing an online booking form or appointment system? Why not drop us a message and see what options are available and how we may be able to help, from booking out office space or to booking customers in at your salon, see a couple of examples in our booking examples from the main menu or… Click here to find out more.

Needing To Sell Online?

If you need your website to be able to sell your products or services then why not get in touch for a quick chat. Just a friendly chat on what we can offer and third party integrations available to make your customers online experience unique and simple…Click here to drop us a message

We are passionate about our work, creating and delivering high quality designs and systems to meet the needs of our clients and ensuring the very best experience for their customers.

We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve the perfect online presence, from logo design, photography, web design, e-commerce and online customer portals. All at great rates. Please feel free to drop us a message outlining your project and let us see what we can help with.

At Northern Folk


We think that freedom and security should always be a top priority for any new or existing website. So… we help our customers choose their domain name and walk them through the very simple purchase. We host your newly built or migrated website which you are free to move at any time as our hosting is payg. We point your domain to our hosting for you and set up all the little bits in between.


This unlike some other well advertised platforms means that, should you wish to move at any time, you can, point your domain that you have access to, to any other hosted site.
If your website security is breached (we put all we can in place to make sure that doesn’t happen on our side) then we can quickly avoid most major issues.

Its just a fair way to do it…

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